Electrostatic painting

Electrostatic painting is the coating of metal with special resins in order to protect against corrosion and paint the surface.

This process takes place in three main steps. Initially cleaning the metal by sandblasting or chemical treatment in which all unwanted agents are removed from the metal surface, making it ready for painting. Then the painting in which resin (special colored powder) comes out of an electrostatic powder gun, which charges the outgoing particles of the powder by forcing them to stick to the grounded metal object to be painted. And finally the polymerization, ie the baking of the powdered object in specially shaped ovens in order to stabilize (polymerize).

Electrostatic painting offers excellent aesthetic choices as the color palette is unlimited with different textures, smooth, forged, textured, gloss or matt. There are categories for the durability of paints that offer high resistance to external and internal conditions.

The company Mavropoulos has two heavy-duty ovens, three electrostatic paint guns of the gema house of Switzerland and two spray booths with special residue filters.