Mavropoulos G. John

Electrostatic painting

Electrostatic painting is the coating of metal with special resins in order to protect against corrosion and paint the surface.

This process takes place in three main steps. Initially cleaning the metal by sandblasting or chemical treatment in which all unwanted agents are removed from the metal surface, making it ready for painting.

Sandblasting – Glazing

Sandblasting is the breaking down of a solid surface using a very strong force in order to clean and prepare the surfaces.

It is a technique of cleaning rough surfaces, removing rust and paint, polishing or preparing the surface to be painted.

mixanismoi epiplon

Furniture Mechanisms

Our craft is active in the construction of:
Furniture mechanisms using mesh as well as anatomical wood (simple / automatic).

Substrates – bed frames with metal frame and wooden anatomical boards in three types, simple / reinforced (for LATEX mattresses) / automatic with shock absorbers (bottles).